Robin Daniels

Robin Daniels

CMO @Matterport | Ex @WeWork @LinkedIn @Salesforce @Box | Endless Enthusiast | Purpose-Driven | Market Maker | Made in Denmark

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Robin is CMO at Matterport where his responsibilities include all marketing, brand, communications and go-to-market initiatives to bring the Matterport vision to life across all channels.

Before joining Matterport, Robin was CMO at WeWork. Prior to that, Robin held leadership positions at LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Box, and works with many start-ups as an advisor and mentor.

Robin is passionate about the intersection of technology, the physical world, and community, and how they come together to create greater impact for the individual and for the world.

Having spent two decades at cutting-edge tech companies across the US and Europe, Robin can often be found speaking or writing about leadership, technology, impact, and fulfilment.

Robin was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he also went to school.