Pamela Cole

Pamela Cole

President of PsychTech, Inc., expert practitioner in the DISC model of personality, and internal consultant at Teal HQ

Chief Applied Behavioral Scientist

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For over four decades, major Fortune 500 companies have called on Pamela for her guidance and support in their organizational change efforts. She has been described as an effective change agent, helping organizations move their culture in the direction that best supports sustainable growth. She is known by her peers and business associates as a professional who uses outstanding interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively in diverse environments.

One of her strengths is her ability to communicate to people in a way that ensures they have a clear idea of what they need to do and how they need to do it. People often comment on how her natural curiosity and passion for learning about people keeps her listening to people’s stories long after others have lost interest. More importantly, she is committed to meeting people where they are and helping them move in the direction that supports the results they desire, without judgment. Pamela started her career as a process consultant, dedicated to designing and implementing efficient and effective work processes. She moved to the ‘human side of the business’ when she realized that the best process was only as good as the level of skill and willingness of the person engaged in the process. After using the DISC personality assessment as part of her consulting practice for 15 years, Pamela was invited to develop interpretive software for the Inscape Publishing/Wiley DISC assessment.

As part of the software development and translation process, Pamela did extensive research on the DISC model which lead to a complete revision of the model in 2003. The new circumplex model of DISC she developed is the foundation of the Everything DiSC product line published by Wiley, Inc. Currently, Pamela brings her experience in personality assessment and application to Teal as quartertime Chief Applied Behavior Scientist.