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Dan Clay

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Bestselling Author & Blogger

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I was born and raised in Michigan and have lived in San Francisco, CA for the past ten years or so.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked across a broad spectrum of companies from a five-person startup incubated by the prestigious Y-Combinator to global powerhouses such as Shell, LinkedIn, Google, and Gartner–the latter two listed on Glassdoor’s Top 25 Companies That Give the Toughest Job Interviews.

Everything that I’ve learned I’ve learned through experience and I have the battle scars to prove it.

I’ve left jobs without having anything lined up and conducted the subsequent job search on a wing and a prayer. I’ve suffered through burnout. I’ve joined a company and quit two weeks later when I realized it wasn’t a fit. I’ve been without a permanent home and slept on friends’ couches when I was between jobs. I once took a 70% pay cut and made my Mom cry when I pivoted into the tech industry–such a loving son I am, right?

My firsthand experience in the trenches as an upwardly mobile professional affords me perspective that people who have spent their entire careers as recruiters simply cannot offer. I’ve spent my whole career on the other side of the table, putting myself out there and facing rejection after rejection on my path towards success.

And now, I get to teach it all back to the next generation of professionals who are just getting started on their own career journeys…how cool is that?!?